Maureen Schafer, MSW, LCSW

Acceptance, Compassion,
and Connection.

The evolution and development of ourselves to advance the greater good.

Anxiety Therapist in Scotch Plains, NJ

Our therapists help clients find happiness and purpose by exploring day-to-day stressors, deeper subconscious themes, and individual spirituality. We offer telehealth, in office, and wellness group services dependent upon individual needs. Ever present is the opportunity for transformation through experiences such as guided meditation and deep breathing. We practice from a place of authentic connection and SEE each client as they currently exist. We are the bridge between hope and change, allowing us to be an anxiety therapist Scotch Plains, NJ can turn to.


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About Maureen Schafer

Maureen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 14 years of experience of working alongside individuals in all stages of change. Her experience includes providing behavioral health services within residential, hospital, non-profit, and educational settings. Maureen views the client as the expert on their own life, and therapy as the catalyst for personal growth. Maureen’s hope is to empower change via compassion, psycho-education, and the rebuilding of trust.


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