What is Mindfulness? 10 Ways that You can Start Practicing Being Mindful Today

Nowadays, we hear about mindfulness all the time, but what exactly is it? Mindfulness is essentially being in the present moment, where you are not ruminating on the past or anxiously awaiting the future. Just simply being in the here and now.    According to research, “mind wandering” tends to be our brain’s “default mode Read more »

3 Ways an Anxiety Therapist Can Help Improve Your Daily Life

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Anxiety disorders develop from complex risk factors including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events. They can severely impair a person’s ability to function at work, at school, in social situations, and in relationships. While anxiety may seem like a common response to our ever-changing world, there are many steps you can take to counter Read more »

Signs You Should See a Therapist For Your Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders are among the most prevalent mental health disorders in the United States. These disorders affect over 18 million adults every year (according to the ADAA). If you’re struggling with anxiety, keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to contact a therapist.   You Are Losing Control of Your Anxiety   Read more »